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Your equine therapy centre situated in the heart of the Luberon (84), France. We help you confront and overcome your fears in a context of mutual respect.

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Horses have for a long time and across different cultures, been seen to have special healing and therapeutic powers. They have been seen as mirrors, messengers, work partners and man’s best friend. Equine therapy is not about riding a horse but rather about being in close physical contact with horses to establish a bond of trust and understanding. The aim is to establish a relationship of confidence and equality between the horse and the person. In putting trust in the horse, the person is affirming his trust and confidence in himself and the same applies to the horse. 

Freedom of movement

We have homegrown and home trained our horses to be very close to people and naturally easy to approach and handle. The current herd of 4 horses have been specially trained in equine therapy, they are unusually docile and tactile and whilst playful and animated they are all even tempered. We will increase from 4 to 6 over the course of the next 12 months. Unlike in traditional equestrian centres, the horses have been allowed to roam freely in as close to a natural environment as possible. It is this freedom of movement which will be at the heart of our project.


News & Announcements

Read our monthly updates as we progress to our public launch.

04 January 2024 Update

04 January 2024 Update

A Happy New Year from the Equichance team and we are pleased to announce our progress as follows; Infrastructure Work on the 5-metre-wide circuit around the property will begin on the 11th January...

20 October 2023 Update

20 October 2023 Update

Infrastructure We have scoped out a 5-metre-wide circuit around the property which is important as not only does it give us a safe circuit for our work but it also allows the herd to be in unison...

10 July 2023 update

10 July 2023 update

Infrastructure A new field is being fenced. A further horse shelter being built. 2 provisional canvas tents are in place pending arrival of gypsy caravans. Home Team Maitai, aged 1, has arrived...



    • Upgrading of existing stable.
    • Further fencing of a remaining field.
    • 2 gyspy caravans to be acquired to increase our capacity to accommodate more guests.
    • Acquisition of and fencing of one more hectare of land (in due course).


      • Follow up on discussions with La Bourgette (local centre for autism) for their less acute cases.
      • Soft circle further funding to support our activities.


      • Further training of the horses to ensure that they can work both individually and as a team.
      • The two extra horses need to arrive and integrate with the others (this will happen in October of this year if not before).


      • Complete website to a pre-launch stage.
      • Prepare website for a launch stage.
      • Start some targeted marketing.
      • Prepare online presence via relevant social media channels.

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