The Equichance Team

The Equichance team is made up of trustworthy mares and their human counterparts.

We look forward to welcoming you to our centre.

Meet first the Equiteam



22 years old Appalucian and the doyenne. Kind, caring and deeply protective of her herd and her place in it. She is in charge and therefore placid and very rooted.


5 years old half Lipizzaner and half Hanoverian. She is unusually close to humans as her mother died in giving birth and she was bottle fed. She is beautiful inside and out and is deeply sensitive with a strong desire to help.


3 years old and a novice but learning fast. She is Nikita’s daughter and is half Spanish and half Appalucian. She is homegrown and in awe of the others but ready to follow their example.

Mai Tai

Only 1 year old but the wisest and calmest of the herd. She is pure Irish cob and has an extraordinary calming influence on all those who cross her path. She joined the team on June 10th, 2023.



A new recruit who joined the team in December 2023. Nimrod is a pure Irish cob, who are well known for their calmness and solidity and an important reminder and connection with our own Irish ancestry.



A new recruit who joined the team in December 2023. Indigo is a 5 year old Kentucky Mountain Horse – he is perfect for the project as he is strong, sturdy, easy to handle and unflappable.

Zulu, a 3 year old horse, part of the Equichance team


Stolen from the herd when he was 10 months old, Zulu has been returned after a protracted legal and physical battle! Born to Pimienta, one of our founding horses who has since passed, Zulu carries a calming yet strong energy. Born in the family, he has a close connection with humans.

Our human support team

The operational team is the same team as before who have been patiently waiting for the last several years for us to have a venue to do our work. It will comprise of just 2 people at the outset, Yannique Bourglan and Valérie Beaufort. They have already worked together in the past and have a proven working relationship.  We have other people who are keen to be involved with the project on a voluntary basis but the team will remain small until we are fully up and running.

Yannique Bourglan


A fully trained and well known local equitherapist

Valérie Beaufort


A fully trained and well known local psychologist

Ashley Legrand


A life coach formed in equitherapy

Sabine Levaillant

Founder & facilitator

Provider of venue, horses & financing 

Kenneth Gardener

Eminence Grise

Past master of the Worshipful company of Accountants