• A new field is being fenced.
  • A further horse shelter being built.
  • 2 provisional canvas tents are in place pending arrival of gypsy caravans.

Home Team

  • Maitai, aged 1, has arrived <3
  • Nikita and her daughter Machta have finally been separated – a much overdue achievement, allowing each mare to thrive independently.
  • Regular trainings of each member of the home team.
  • Nikita and Izzy are discovering the joys of nearby lake.
  • Interim trainer has arrived for the summer months.


  • Donation secured from Archimed and two of their investee companies.
  • Soft circling of funds from all of Cobalt Partner’s retained clients.


    • Initial discussions in place with Eureka Foundation / Clubhouse
    • Exploratory discussions with political refugee centres and post-cancer care organisations.


    • Our website is completed and officially available on
    • Pilot programmes to take place from mid September to mid November 2023 with Archimed and Cobalt Partners.
    • Appointment of very experienced FTSE 100 CFO, Kenneth Gardener as “Eminence Grise”