• We have scoped out a 5-metre-wide circuit around the property which is important as not only does it give us a safe circuit for our work but it also allows the herd to be in unison and constant movement. The circuit will be put in place as of January 2024.

Home Team

  • We have bought a 5 year old Kentucky Mountain Horse called Indigo. He is perfect for the project as he is strong, sturdy, easy to handle and unflappable. He is also extremely handsome 🙂
  • Indigo will arrive at the beginning of December along with Nimrod who, by then will be weaned from his mother.
  • Meanwhile work is ongoing with the existing herd and we have enlisted the help of an apprentice Tatiana Stephen to ensure that all good practices are firmly adhered to.
  • We had our first human team meeting where we scoped out respective roles.
  • The founder Sabine Levaillant is also being initiated in the basics of equicoaching.


  • Further funds have been received from the key investor base with ongoing commitments for the next three years.

There is still a lot to be done cf. sourcing the gypsy caravans, further training and pilot programmes but we are firmly on track and looking forward to the next steps.