• We are busy building a horse ring and a “rond de longe/ lunging ring”. Construction is underway and will be complete within 3 weeks
  • We then need to put the horse shelters in place. This should be complete by the end of May (crucial given the hot summer months)
  • Discussions ongoing with a neighbour re acquiring an additional hectare nearby.


Home Team

  • The training of the 3 mares is underway and we now have a schedule in place where they are trained twice a week (Mondays and Fridays plus by me at the weekends)
  • We have identified the next generation of team members cf a one-year-old Irish gypsy cob called Mai Tai (a mare) who will arrive at the end of May and reservation made on her one week old cousin Nimrod (a gelding as featured above) who will arrive in six months’ time. The reason for choosing Irish gypsy cobs is that they are known for being extremely calm and placid and in taking young horses we are able to train them early.


  • We have registered the name Equichance which will probably be our chosen brand name.
  • Patrnership put in place with Being with Horses based in Tobago that was the original inspiration behind the project.
  • Initial discussions in place with a local lady Raphaelle Bourguignon who is focused on people suffering from bulimia / anorexia.
  • Beginning to look for a partner for “burn out” which given Cobalt network feels like a very relevant area to focus on..


Launch date 

  • This will move to April 2024 as things have taken a little longer than planned
  • Trial sessions to take place with willing Cobalt clients and team before the launch